Elmore Co. man indicted in rape case, bond revised

Elmore Co. man indicted in rape case, bond revised
Chase Hughes

ELMORE COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - An Elmore County grand jury handed down an indictment for first-degree rape and second-degree burglary to defendant Chase Hughes on Wednesday.

Hughes is being held in the Elmore County Detention Facility on a $280,000 property bond.

He is accused of kicking in the back door of an acquaintance, pulling her out of the shower, and raping her in September 2016.

"We are thankful an Elmore County grand jury considered the evidence in this case and indicted Hughes on two felony counts," explained Elmore County Assistant District Attorney Mandy Johnson. "We will put the full weight of the Elmore County District Attorney's Office behind this case to obtain justice for the victim, her safety is a chief concern."

Hughes has fought for a lower bond since his arrest but was denied by District Judge Glenn Goggans after the state read lewd text messages from Hughes to the victim during the bond hearing, that were described as threatening and offensive.

The indictment, signed on Jan 17, satisfied Hughes' requests, showing a $280,000 property bond.

"We are relieved the indictment came as quickly as it did," Hughes' attorney, Susan James stated. "We disagree with the charges and are anxiously awaiting a swift trial. We believe we have an opportunity at trial to present the other side of the story that hasn't been made known to the public or the media."

Hughes arraignment date has not been set.

First-degree rape is a Class-A Felony and carries a punishment of 10 years to 99 years or Life, and requires the defendant to register as a sex offender. Second-degree burglary is a Class-B Felony and carries a punishment of two to 20 years in prison.

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