State lawmakers react to Steve Marshall's appointment as AG

State lawmakers react to Steve Marshall's appointment as AG

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabama's new Attorney General Steve Marshall said Monday he is committed to holding public officials accountable.

Members of the House Judiciary Committee said they liked what Marshall had to say and hope he will carry out those actions.

The state's impeachment investigation into Gov. Robert Bentley is at a stand still, ever since a Nov. 3 request from former Attorney General Luther Strange.

Members of the committee have expressed frustration that the investigation has not continued.

"We are kinda in no man's land right now. The former attorney general suggested we step aside for a short period of about 30 days, it's been much longer than that already and we are kinda in limbo in that committee," Rep. Mike Holmes said.

Part of the confusion over the last few months was a lack of information and if there even was an investigation into Bentley.

"So the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing and so when we have that situation, we have to hold everyone's feet to the fire and do our job," Rep. Paul Beckman said.

Marshall said he does not know if there is an investigation into the governor's office. But says he will learn on Tuesday.

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