South Haven nursing home to lose Medicare, Medicaid services

South Haven nursing home to lose Medicare, Medicaid services

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Beginning on March 1, South Haven Health and Rehabilitation Center in Montgomery will no longer participate in Medicaid or Medicare program.

In a statement, the spokesperson for the facility said the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Alabama Department of Public Health notified management they decided to terminate provider agreements with the facility last week.

The statement reads that the center "strongly disagrees with the actions these agencies have taken" and is "exploring its legal options, but will cooperate with the agencies at this time."

People with family members and loved ones in the facility have taken to Facebook to express their concerns over rumors that the facility will have to close, but the spokesperson said it is too early to say what the center will do going forward.

According to ADPH, the department conducts surveys and inspections at all of the nursing homes in the state on CMS' behalf. The department took on-site inspection surveys of South Haven in November and December last year and found "noncompliance" with the federal requirements for nursing homes participating in Medicare and Medicaid.

The department went back to the facility on Jan. 13 to find it still was not meeting federal standards.

A rep from the department said, "conditions there constituted immediate jeopardy for residents' health and safety and there was sub-standard quality of care." On its January visit, the department created a 34-page report with various violations, including neglect, lack of development/implementation of abuse policies, accidents and lack of services by qualified person/per care plan.

The full report, and prior reports can be found here.

John Matson, a spokesperson with the Alabama Nursing Home Association, said the next step when this sort of thing happens is to help residents who are losing coverage find another location that will best serve their needs. Although the facility was not willing to confirm how many residents it had or what percentage of residents are affected by the loss in coverage, ADPH said the facility has 65 residents. Matson said 67 percent of seniors use Medicare for nursing home coverage and that many use Medicare for rehabilitation services. 

Matson said there are three main steps people need to cover when choosing a new nursing home: talking to their doctor, doing research online and physically touring the facility and meeting the staff.

ADPH and other groups will hold a meeting Thursday at 6 p.m. for families and residents impacted by South Haven's upcoming change. ADPH said it will give them the opportunity to get information and ask questions about their next step.

South Haven is owned by Sava Senior Care.

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