New app may help prevent misdiagnoses

New app may help prevent misdiagnoses

WSFA/NBC - It happens millions of times a year. Patients are diagnosed with the wrong condition. Sometimes it could be minor, but it could also cost someone their life. Now a doctor has come up with an app to help reduce the number of misdiagnoses.

"A misdiagnosis can be inconsequential that doesn't affect you at all or it could be a life threatening illness," said doctor Art Papier.

Dr. Papier is a dermatologist. He came up with an app called "Visual DX". Right now it's just for doctors.

"There's no doctor that can memorize all the reactions to every medication or every infectious disease in every country. So these tools are developed to allow your doctor to search by the patient's symptoms. That's a very different approach than looking up a book or looking up a website by the diagnosis."

This app allows doctors to put in every piece of information about a patient and come up with a specific answer. Right now Visual DX is just for doctors but they're working on another app for in-home use.
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