Travel advisers urge caution, timing in Spring Break travel

Travel advisers urge caution, timing in Spring Break travel

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - About two weeks of winter remain for the year. For some, that means more than just the arrival Spring: it means Spring Break!

If you're looking to take a Spring Break vacation, it's still possible. But advisers at Alabama World Travel say it might not be the best idea at this point.

"Most cases, it's not best to just kind of throw together a trip because something might go wrong," said Mary Thaggard, a Travel Adviser with Alabama World Travel. "You might now have as much fun with your family, so we always suggest planning months in advance so that way you make the most with your family and kids."

But with a travel adviser, you can still make it work, saving you some time and even some money in the process.

"Disney, Universal, they have some great promotions going on where you get 30 percent of your room rates during the spring," Thaggard said. "It just depends on what destination you're going to. Some of them fill up a lot faster than others. So it is better if you book in advance so you can save the most money."

You can also save yourself a potential headache by avoiding booking online in some cases.

"Pictures might be different from what you actually get. So we always suggest using your trusted travel adviser. We have the connections to all the different hotels and we can actually vouch for them," said Thaggard.

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