Exclusive: Alabama AG Marshall on Gov. Bentley investigation

Exclusive: Alabama AG Marshall on Gov. Bentley investigation

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The first four weeks in office for Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall have been some of the most revealing for state government as of late.

Marshall was appointed under the cloud of a suspected quid pro quo, leaving many to question if Gov. Robert Bentley appointed Marshall to end any potential investigation into the governor's office. Marshall quickly proved that was not the case.

"Not only am I a man of my word, which is what I need to be first and foremost, but also we deliver on the promises that we make," Marshall stated.  "That's the most important thing for me to do going forward."

In a matter of days, Marshall confirmed the investigation into Bentley's office with a recusal, a signal of transparency to the state.

"There was no pressure," Marshall explained. "It matter of doing the right thing, and I think that's exactly what we did."

Marshall recused from the Bentley investigation to avoid any sign of impropriety surrounding his appointment.

"I think I absolutely could have been," Marshall said when asked if he could've been part of the Bentley investigation and still been fair. "I think the issue would have been going forward for me is the governor and the attorney general have issues of common concern. I think the recusal allowed for that cloud, that tension in the relationship, to be taken away."

That's not to say there weren't dark moments. Marshall, a man of faith, says prayer has sustained him.


"You can't help but hear misinformation," Marshall explained. "People will say things that aren't founded in fact. And so understanding the circumstances initially of what would be said."

As for the terms of his recusal, Marshall says he knows "nothing" about the investigation.

Marshall also explained he will likely find out the conclusion of the investigation into the governor's office at the same time as the public.

"I think I'll know it exactly when you know it," Marshall said. "When it's a matter of public information is when I know just as if they make a different decision and say that nothing's going forward, I would know about it at that point as well."

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