Does it work: Red Copper

Does it work: Red Copper

Are you tired of food sticking to your frying pan? Are you tired of having scratched-up cookware? Well, that could all come an end with the Red Copper frying pan. Red Copper is ceramic copper infused cookware that claims to stay scratch-free forever. It also claims to have a non-stick coating that allows food to slide off with ease.

So, we put Red Copper to the test, first by challenging its claim of remaining "scratch-free forever" by scratching a fork against the pan. After a minute of scratching, the pan remained scratch-free.

With the scratch-free surface still in place we were ready to trying cooking to test the non-stick coating. We tried common foods that a lot of people have problems with, like eggs and cheese.

To our amazement the eggs and cheese slid right out of the pan.

Our last test took us outside into the parking lot to reenact a test in Red Copper's television commercial. In the commercial a car drove over the Red Copper pan to prove its durability.

So, we went to the WSFA parking low and ran over our Red Copper pan with our Live truck.  After the 12-thousand pound vehicle ran over the pan twice, we found the pan had a slight dent in it but still good enough to use to cook a good meal.

We bought the Red Copper for $19.99.

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