AL lawmakers look to tackle pro-life bills in 1 day

AL lawmakers look to tackle pro-life bills in 1 day
Federal judges will hear arguments Tuesday appealing an overturned law

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabama House lawmakers are taking a closer look at at least three controversial, pro-life bills this week.

According to House Speaker Mac McCutcheon, lawmakers plan to tackle the pro-life bills all in one day. The speaker says the chamber will stay as long as it needs to in order to take care of the bills.

When it comes to pro life or pro choice legislation, most lawmakers' positions are well known, so McCutcheon hopes to give everyone a chance to have their voice heard on the issue.

Some of the pro-life bills are part of the Republican agenda and are seen as priorities for the leadership.

"I think it sends a message from what the people of Alabama are concerned with," McCutcheon said. "When it comes to pro- life, and family issues and um, it's more of an opportunity for the state, the people of Alabama to confirm what they are saying."

While Thursday may send a message, it also could prevent delays in the future.

Pro-life bills have caused the legislature to slow down each time these bills are brought up. By bringing the main pro-life bills up all in one day, it may clear an obstacle for lawmakers as the session continues

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