Go 'Over the Edge' in downtown Montgomery

Go 'Over the Edge' in downtown Montgomery

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Hope Inspired Ministries is hosting an event that will send you over the edge, literally! For $1,000, you can rappel 100 feet to the ground from the top of the 40 Four Building downtown Montgomery.

"We run an industrial job site with all industrial equipment," assured Jeff Martin, the head technician for Over the Edge, the company running the event.

Martin promised a safe experience and said many of his events are much taller than 100 feet! "It is on the low side of average," Martin explained. "Our average height is about 250 feet."

Over the Edge is a fundraiser for Hope Inspired Ministries.

"Hope Inspired Ministries is an 11-week job training program," said Elizabeth Richards, Director of Marketing for Hope Inspired Ministries. "We help adults 18 and over get a job and help to maintain that job and lead a life of self-sufficiency"

This is the first time HIM has hosted an Over the Edge event. "We wanted to bring an event that has never been done in Montgomery before and bring some adventure," Richards said.

"We have to keep everybody back away from the edge at all times," Martin warned, acknowledging the potential risks. "All of our volunteers and our staff are clipped in twice to make sure nobody goes over the edge unexpectedly."

Martin is confident the event will run smoothly for those rappelling. "They'll come in and go through a staging process. They'll get on their harnesses, and they'll get familiar with that aspect of it and sign their paperwork. From there they move to a training rappel, which is where we show them how all their gear works, how everything functions and give them the opportunity to sit in their harness. And then they come to the edge with me and we gingerly negotiate the edge and work them to the ground slowly."

Over the Edge is free for spectators on the ground. The VIP and media event is Friday, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Everyone else will go Over the Edge Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The 40 Four Building is located at 44 Market Plaza.

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