Tennis ball could help rid pain in legs and feet

Tennis ball could help rid pain in legs and feet

WSFA/NBC - What does a foam roller, a tennis ball, or a lacrosse ball have in common? They could all be the answer to getting rid of your pain.

Jim White is a certified lifestyle and weight management coach.

"Most knee problems come from what's called the IT band, which is connective tissue that runs from your hip down to your knee," said

White says you can sit on the foam roller, cross your legs in a figure four and roll over on the hip that's giving you problems until we
find a tender spot. The IT band also cause knee pain, so keep on rolling.

White also suggests using a ball to help your aching feet! A tennis or lacrosse ball will do.

"Both are pretty easy to find at any sporting goods store," White said. "Place the bottom of your foot onto that ball and roll into the arch of the
foot until you find a tender spot. And when you find it, put some downward pressure - and let those muscles release,"
White warns that any time you roll not to put too much pressure on any one spot and breath through it.

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