The Sound Wall in Opelika

The Sound Wall in Opelika

OPELIKA, AL (WSFA) - Rob and Jen Slocumb were just looking for a little more space to do what they loved. Now they have it, but their mission has changed a bit.

It all started with two musicians traveling the country and doing what they love.

"We were coming down to the Southeast and playing a lot," said Rob Slocumb with the acoustic duo Martha's Trouble.

Rob and his wife Jen lived in Canada, not exactly around the corner from Opelika, but they kept coming back and playing and eventually made a move.

"We stumbled on this town by playing at a venue we booked and really just fell in love with the people and the area," said Jen Slocumb with Martha's Trouble.

So they moved to Lee County and started a family. After having kids, writing and rehearsing music at home wasn't as easy.

"We were just looking for a place where we could have a creative environment for ourselves," said Rob. "Something outside our house."

While looking for a good warehouse or building they came upon a 100-year-old run down home in downtown Opelika and they both knew that was it. So after pouring in a lot of work and money, one year later the Sound Wall was ready.

Along the way though, their vision changed.

"As this evolved and turned into a bigger project we just realized we need a recording space for people in this area," said Jen. "We need a place where people can rehearse and write."

So the Sound Wall is now a place anyone musician can book. It has a recording studio, control room, writing room, and an upstairs loft if someone just wants to come and stay while working on their music.

"We want this place to be a revolving door of artists," said Rob. "We have in Opelika and East Alabama, a great community of artists, songwriters, and musicians. We want this to be a place where artists are coming and going. We wanted a place for artists and writers of the beat and path, not in busy places, where they could just come here an relax and enjoy the town."

So who knows? Maybe instead of a few weeks in Nashville, artists may just take the trip to Lee County, to write, share, ideas, and do what they love. All thanks to something new called The Sound Wall.

If you're looking to book time or learn more about them here's a link to their Facebook page. Also, here's more on their band Martha's Trouble. You can also give them a call in the studio at (334) 575-3477.

Along with musicians, they're also looking to focus on the culinary arts in the future too. They'd love to bring in local chefs to cook in their state of the art kitchen.

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