Josh: Storms, heavy rainfall continue into early Monday

The "second wave" of storms has formed to our west, back over eastern Mississippi. Those storms are "elevated," meaning they are rooted ABOVE a layer of stable air near the surface. Translation? The tornado threat is very, very close to zero. Elevated storms typically pose only a hail and wind risk, so we will maintain a very low risk of severe weather through early tomorrow morning.

Flooding is a concern, too. We are already seeing significant flooding to our southwest, over parts of Mobile County. As a large cluster of heavy rain and storms lifts northward, we may see isolated flooding issues rear their head. If you live in a place that floods frequently, be sure to keep an eye on the water tonight and into early tomorrow. A Flash Flood Watch has been issued for much of southwest Alabama.

The rain will clear out of Alabama no later than noon tomorrow - in fact, much of Monday will be a sunny, breezy and pleasant day.