AL Black Caucus promises filibuster of session over redistricting plan

AL Black Caucus promises filibuster of session over redistricting plan

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The remainder of Alabama's legislative session could be in doubt as the House Black Caucus has already started a filibuster which they say could continue for the rest of the regular session unless a compromise can be made on the court-ordered redistricting plan.

"So we need to sit down and draw a constitutional plan, that's not rocket science," urged Rep. John Knight, D-Montgomery.

But it is politics as redrawing district voting lines could shift the balance of power in the state house.

"There's been no genuine effort as we speak right now to try to compromise on this plan," Knight explained.

The courts ordered Alabama lawmakers to redraw district lines after they found a dozen districts to be racially gerrymandered. Members of the black caucus say the new plan has the same issues as the old one, "almost exactly with just a few exceptions," according to Knight.

Whatever happens, both sides seem to believe the result will end up where it all started, right back in court.

"We know we are going back to court," said Rep. Randy Davis, R-Mobile. "That's what this is."

But democrats want a plan they see as fair, now, and say they will filibuster every bill until a compromise is reached.

That's a compromise which, unless attitudes change, looks unlikely to happen.

"Based off what I've seen today, I don't think it's possible," Knight admitted.

With a Republican supermajority, the GOP can vote to end debate at any time, but that is seen as a tool of last resort.

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