Does it work: Rocket Copter

Does it work: Rocket Copter

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A fun and relatively new toy hitting the market allows you to enjoy the outdoors at a time where you're not dealing with the oppressive heat.

Rocket Copter is a sling shot style toy. The copter is launched into the sky where they proceed to flash various vibrant colors with a powerful LED light. According to the makers, it can launch up to 120 feet into the sky. This is a great item to test on Does It Work, because this could lead to hours of fun outside for the whole family if the product backs up its advertised claims.

There's no complex setup with Rocket Copter. There are two components: the launcher and the copter itself. The launcher resembles a classic plastic slingshot. The copter consists of a piece of plastic with a hook, an on-off switch for the LED light, and wings.

Using the Rocket Copter is simple. All you have to do is hook the notch of the copter to the rubber band on the launcher. Then you're told to point skyward, pull back on the rubber band with the copter and release.

While testing, the copter flew well up into the night sky, as the LED provided a beautiful and bright display. After the copter reached its peak height, it gently fell back to the ground similar to the landing of a helicopter.

Launch after launch, Rocket Copter backed up all of its advertised claims. The copter's flight was directly impacted by how hard the rubber band was pulled. Once in the air, the LED light provided a dazzling display while the copter was air born. A soft dirt or grass landing area is ideal when using Rocket Copter, but it did prove to be durable enough to sustain an impact with a concrete surface.

When using Rocket Copter it may be wise to use it in an area where it can't get stuck in a tree or land on the roof of your home.

Following those simple pieces of advice will help ensure hours of outdoor fun with Rocket Copter.

At most retail stores Rocket Copter can be purchased for just under ten dollars.

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