A prick of the finger can test for 120 allergies

Updated: May. 9, 2017 at 11:56 AM CDT
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(Source: NBC File Video)
(Source: NBC File Video)

WSFA/NBC - Testing for allergies can be a pain, literally. The allergy skin tests are effective but can be itchy and uncomfortable.

There's also a way to test for allergies by drawing blood. These can each test for 14 allergens but now there's a new option out there you can do with the simple prick of the finger. It can test for more than 100 things you could be allergic to.

The new method is called the AllergyPro Blood test. With four d rops of blood, it can test for 120 allergens.

"Skin testing is the gold standard for deciding what allergen a child may be reacting to," said pediatrician Dr. Janet Pate. "Sometimes this is a screening test and they go on further skin testing or sometimes this test is enough for us to identify the cause of their allergy and they don't need skin testing."

For this new test, a child must be experiencing a reaction when they come in to get their finger pricked. The four d rops of blood can tell doctors a lot.

"If a child has had a recent reaction to an allergen, you can get some very crucial data to find the root cause of their allergy."

It can identify 70 environmental allergens or 50 food allergens. If you'd like to learn more about AllergyPro we have a link to its website.

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