Escapology opens in downtown Montgomery

Escapology opens in downtown Montgomery

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Escapology, a virtual reality game that provides situations from which a person or group must "escape," is now open at the Alley in downtown Montgomery.

The location will provide seven scenarios where the group must escape from a room, but the virtual reality aspect will bring hundreds of options for exciting fun.

The company spent $750,000 on the space.

"It's very adrenaline filling," said James Weaver, Franchise Coordinator for Escapology. "You do, like, solving, unlocking and being able to experience all these things. The virtual reality aspect takes you to a whole new world that we just can't do. You can't fly, there's all these things that are never possible in the virtual reality world."

Officials say all their rooms are family friendly, meaning nothing scary will jump out.

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