Residents clean up after flooding, prepare for more rain

Residents clean up after flooding, prepare for more rain

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Residents in a number of neighborhoods around Montgomery found themselves dealing with flood damage Sunday. With most of that water gone, Monday was a clean-up day.

A flooded garden and guest house was what Joseph King had to deal with at his home on Rose Lane. Unfortunately, this isn't a new issue. He says it happens every time there is heavy rain and over the last 28 years the clean-up has cost him.

"We have had damage to our furnishings that we have had to throw away and replace. Right now we have a fungus growing under our house, they can't take care of it until its completely dry," said King

Paula Reynolds, who also lives in the Garden District, has faced similar challenges.

"It is like a raging in the front house and I am terribly worried that it will come into my house one of these days," said Reynolds.

King, Reynolds, and others are desperate for a solution and believe infrastructure upgrades or new drains could help.

"Our homes are one of our largest investments and our property investments now may not hold current value with these type issues," said Reynolds.

With more heavy rains on the way, these homeowners are more concerned than ever.

"We were going away this week on vacation but we are hesitant to leave because we see more rain is coming and we need to be here in case the water gets in again," said King.

We have reached out to the city. They tell us they are looking into the issues in that neighborhood.

When you are dealing with flash floods, experts say one way to be proactive is having insurance in place to cover any damages you incur.

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