Officials advise residents on how to prepare for storms, flooding

Officials advise residents on how to prepare for storms, flooding

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - The River Region is still recovering from flooding over the weekend, but officials are warning residents to prepare for even more.

Because of recent rainfall, the ground is already saturated, which raises the risk of more flash flooding given the amount of rain expected in this week's forecast.

According to Director of Public Works Chris Conway, residents who live in areas that have already experienced flooding are likely to get hit hard again this week.

"We talk about some of the rainfall intensities and particularly the duration; both of those things combined have caused a lot of localized flooding, have caused a lot of areas to experience standing water where sometimes they've experienced that before and in some cases it's a recurring thing for them," he said.

Montgomery County EMA Director Christi Thornton also provided some advice, saying the agency will do its best to help flood victims. However, she said EMA can't help people that haven't contacted them.

"We've requested people call the Montgomery EMA so we can come out and help and we've received two phone calls of any damage," Thornton said. "Obviously, we know that there was more. A lot of people are doing the right thing and calling their insurance companies to report that flooding. So hopefully we can help each other out as much as possible."

Thornton urged residents who are at risk or have experienced any type of severe weather to dial 2-1-1 to receive information and to help the Montgomery EMA keep track of high-risk areas.

Thornton also said that one of the best things residents can do ahead of time is to make sure that storm drains near their homes are clean and clear. She said that by the time flooding has started causing problems, it's too late to try and clear the drains.

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