11-year-old suspect in Montgomery child's death known to law enforcement, DA says

11-year-old suspect in Montgomery child's death known to law enforcement, DA says

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - We are learning more about the juvenile charged in the shooting that left a 9-year-old family member dead and a 16-year-old injured.

District Attorney Daryl Bailey confirmed the juvenile suspect is 11-years-old and is no stranger to law enforcement.

"They made the charging decision based on the actions and also the history of this 11-year-old", Bailey explained. "Based on the history and the actions on that particular day, they chose to charge him in a reckless action, using a firearm in a reckless action."

Officials have not disclosed the relationship between the shooter and the deceased victim, nor information related to the gun used in this shooting. The suspect was taken into custody on Coral Lane Monday afternoon and transported to the Montgomery County Youth Detention Facility.

"These guns are out there", Bailey explained. "The kids I deal with on a daily basis tell me about their friends having guns. They know this, but the parents need to know this. They need to be looking for this guns. If we can get the guns out of the hands of kids, tragic events like this wouldn't happen."

Bailey says it's too soon to know if more arrests are forthcoming. He is clear, any adult involved in the commission of this shooting will be held responsible.

"I have made it clear to the Montgomery Police Department if there is an adult that's responsible  I want them charged", Bailey stated.  "I want to find out why these children weren't being supervised, and if there is an adult responsible for any of this. They are going to pay the consequences."

Bailey blames teens exposure to guns and violent video games for the spike in teen violence.  Bailey said 90 percent of the fifth graders involved in his iLead programs have touched a gun.

"Guns are being introduced to our young people at a very young age", said Bailey. "Comfortable or not, they are used to seeing guns, holding guns. All these shoot 'em up video games that are being proliferated, shooting a gun is nothing, they do it all the time in real life scenarios in the video games."

Bailey and other local agencies are working to take guns out of teen's hands.  Those who report teens who have a gun in their possession can receive a $300 reward if the firearm is confiscated.

If you have information about a gun in a teenager's possession, you can send a direct message to the District Attorney's Facebook page or the Central Alabama Crimestoppers Facebook page. You can also visit Daryl Bailey's Instagram page, or call 215-STOP.

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