Elmore County company safely removes buzzing invaders

Elmore County company safely removes buzzing invaders

ELMORE COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - Imagine waking up to a swarm of bees in your home. That was the reality for Sierra Dennis and her family.

"My youngest son's five, he jumped in the bed and sat down and right as he sat down he sat on a bee," said Dennis.

That's when she decided to call S & B Apiaries, a bee rescue and removal program, to see what the buzz was all about.

"Most the times we do have to go in there and cut out the wall or a ceiling or something, and it takes several hours," said S & B Apiaries owner, Stacy VanDortrecht.

VanDortrecht said that at first sight of a bee infestation to call a professional who can come out and remove the bees safely.

"They provide pretty much 85 percent of the food that you eat, so we do not want to get them killed," said VanDortrecht. "If you have a brick house or something, get all those bricks sealed up. Get everything in your house sealed up from top to bottom," VanDortrecht said.

All of the bees collected by S & B Apiaries will be transported to a new location.

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