Lawyer, criminal court judge announces run for AL attorney general seat

Lawyer, criminal court judge announces run for AL attorney general seat

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Republican lawyer and criminal court judge Chess Bedsole has launched his campaign to receive the Republican nomination for Alabama attorney general.

According to a news release, Bedsole spent the last couple of years working with President Donald Trump and U.S. Attorney General Jess Sessions. During that time, Bedsole worked to rewrite Obama executive orders and implement the policies of Trump and Sessions.

Bedsole's focus included securing the border, taking unnecessary regulations off the backs of our military, removing the barriers to the second amendment freedoms of gun owners and protecting the right to life.

"We need an Attorney General who neither asked for nor took anything from Governor Bentley and his cronies. I have clean hands and I am the only candidate who can say that," said Bedsole. "Therefore, I won't have to recuse myself or get a special prosecutor to do my job for me."

Bedsole has a record of helping support law enforcement efforts to fight drug sales and worked with local charities and churches to help victims of domestic violence.

"I have a long history of fighting for conservative values," said Bedsole. "I didn't just become a Republican yesterday. My resume is built on hard work over decades, not from corrupt deal-making."

Bedsole also spent time working for President George W. Bush after initially joining the litigation team on the Gore v. Bush Florida recount. He also challenged two Alabama recounts during the races of Don Siegelman and Roger Bedford.

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