Early morning gunshots leave Montgomery residents scared and alert

Early morning gunshots leave Montgomery residents scared and alert

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Montgomery Police Department responded to a phone call early Monday morning at around 2:20 a.m. of shots fired in the 400 block of Empire Court.

Samantha Sasser of Montgomery said she awoke to her dogs barking when she heard the roar of an engine. Thinking it was her neighbor, she walked to the front door to look outside only to see a parade of vehicles coming towards her house.

"There was a red, old school Camaro, a white grand Marquis, a bright orange car, and three trucks," said Sasser. "All completely full of people. So, at first I thought maybe they're going to a get together or something, and that's whenever I saw a woman with all of these males look at me, and she had a mask on and a gun in her hand and she pointed it in my direction."

She immediately called 911, and then made one more phone call.

"I called my mom just to tell her that I loved her because I really thought we were going to die here and I thought of the kids next door and I was so scared," said Sasser.

Her neighbor, Dannielle McDaniel, is the mother of those kids next door.

"I immediately ran to my children's room and I stood in their room for a few minutes with a gun staring outside their window waiting. I was just waiting to see if anyone was going to come through their bedroom window," said McDaniel.

No one was injured. MPD reports officers did not locate any property damage or suspects but that they did collect two rounds in the area.

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