Guest Editorial: It's irrational to speed

Guest Editorial: It's irrational to speed

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Here is an editorial I did back in 2012 that I think merits repeating. It's about driving over the speed limit and why there is no rational reason to do so.

If you speed so you can get there quicker, consider this:

On a 10-mile interstate commute each additional mile per hour you drive only gets you there 7 seconds sooner. Go 10 miles over the limit and you only gain one minute. And that speeding ticket could cost you $130 or more. Do the math.  Do you make $7,800 per hour?

Since it's summertime, consider a 170-mile trip to the beach. Each extra mile per hour gains you a mere 2 minutes on the entire trip.  Ten miles over the limit and you only get 18 extra minutes on the beach.  And for teenagers who make minimum wage, that ticket will cost you 18 hours of pay at your job.

There's also the cost of gasoline. Going 10 miles per hour over the speed limit makes your cost of gas as much as $0.38 per gallon more. That adds up.

Of course, all this really begs the question of safety. There were over a thousand traffic fatalities in Alabama in 2016, and the higher the speed, the higher the number of deaths.

Speeding is irrational. Don't speed.

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