AL to allow digital version of vehicle registration during traffic stops

AL to allow digital version of vehicle registration during traffic stops

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Traffic stops may get easier and more efficient for Alabamians starting very soon. On Aug. 1 drivers will be able to offer officers a digital version of their vehicle registration. Previously, only a paper print out was acceptable.

The hope is to streamline the process with cell phones being a one-stop shop if you're ever pulled over.

"We are in the middle of a lot of technological advancements and that is going to continue to be the case," said Cpl. Jesse Thornton with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

So the state may soon see an update to the traffic stop.

"It's a pleasant, quick, streamlined traffic stop that makes us feel at ease and also may make that motorist feel at ease," Thornton said.

A law passed overwhelmingly in 2017 will allow your vehicle registration to be put on your cell phone instead of needing it somewhere else in your car.

"We are supposed to have the registration with you at all times," said Rep. Randy Wood, R-District 36, "but let's face it a lot of people don't and everyone has got their cell phone with them."

When the new law goes into effect, Alabama drivers could have all that information on their phones, which helps the driver but also the officer, as well.

"They are showing what they need to show us and we are safer," Thornton said, adding when officers have to wait for people to find their license it means more time exposed on the side of the street and a better chance of something going wrong. "Obviously, there is more at risk for us and more danger."

So the goal of this new law is to make it easier and quicker for Alabama drivers while safer for state law enforcement.

"So everybody wins in this situation," Thornton said.

Under the law, officers will not be allowed to look at your phone except for the registration.

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