Regulating gut bacteria could have good effect on mood

Regulating gut bacteria could have good effect on mood

WSFA/NBC - Our gut bacteria may be more important than we thought. It can actually impact our mood.

Has your doctor ever told you to take probiotics while you're on medication? That's to protect your gut bacteria which play a vital role in our health.

Registered dietitian nutritionist, Bonni London said, "They control our health, and our weight, and absolutely our mood."

"Microbiome which basically is this ecosystem of bacteria in our gut. We actually have about 10 times more bacteria than human cells,"
said London.

According to London, 95 percent of serotonin and 50 percent of dopamine are produced by the bacteria in our gut. There's a constant cross talk. There's something called the Vagus nerve that connects your brain to your gut and actually it goes the other way too when you're stressed that can actually effect the bacteria in your gut as well.

So when we're stressed and eat fatty foods, we're telling our body to crave more.

As far as improvement in your mood, try to limit the highly processed foods and try to get in more fruits and vegetables and healthy

London says those simple changes to your diet can go a long way and taking probiotics can't hurt.

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