'Justice was served': Father of Autauga County manslaughter victim

'Justice was served': Father of Autauga County manslaughter victim

AUTAUGA CO., AL (WSFA) - Kevin Foradori shed countless tears during the grueling week-long murder trial of Vegas Contorno, charged with killing his son Remington.

Friday, Kevin Foradori replaced some of that sinking pain of loss with relief, as the jury found Contorno guilty of manslaughter, which was offered as a lesser included charge.

"I feel justice has been served," Kevin Foradori said, agreeing he would like to see Contorno sentenced to prison for this conviction.

The jury delivered a verdict in an hour, after asking Judge Sibley Reynolds if they could deliberate later than 5 p.m.

The jury walked past Kevin Foradori without making eye contact when they left the courtroom for deliberations.

"I was a little nervous, but I was praying," Kevin Foradori stated.

For Kevin Foradori, those prayers were heard, and now the grieving father says he can begin to find closure with his son's brutal death.

"I feel a lot of pressure has been lifted off my family today," Kevin Foradori said. "We've still got a lot of healing. I am headed home to be with my 2-year-old grandson."

Liam, Foradori's grandson, is his last living link to Remington, who passed away when the baby was 3 months old.

"I'm going home to hug him, and hold him for the rest of the night," Kevin Foradori stated. "He's an awesome, healthy 2-year-old baby boy."

The state was also surprised by the jury's quick verdict.

"I really thought we would be back Monday," said District Attorney Randall Houston of the hour-long jury deliberation. "That's always a good sign. I think the jury had listened to the evidence and heard all they had to hear, and they were ready to make a verdict."

Houston and his team, including Assistant District Attorneys Kristy Peoples and Dan Cowell, said they will advocate that Contorno is sentenced to 20 years in prison, which is the maximum sentence for a Class B felony.

"We believe this case deserves 20 years," Houston said.

Peoples and Cowell also credit the evidence in this case for Friday's manslaughter conviction.

"There was no struggle, and no signs of a struggle," Peoples said. "Nothing was out of place, nothing was messed up. And I think that was the biggest piece that helped us."

During closing arguments Cowell stated despite multiple stories from Contorno about what really happened the night Foradori was stabbed to death, he never saw remorse from the defendant.

"We looked at the physical evidence and it was clear she wasn't telling us the truth," Cowell said. "Every version of what we she telling wasn't the truth. We like to see some bit of remorse from the witness stand."

Contorno's bond was revoked, and she was taken into custody in the courtroom.

Her sentencing is slated for August.

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