Texas statue to receive repairs from Alabama company

Texas statue to receive repairs from Alabama company
(Source: WSFA 12 News)
(Source: WSFA 12 News)

ALEXANDER CITY, AL (WSFA) - A statue originally from Texas is getting a makeover in Alex City.

"With every day I come to work, I see something different, some unique, incredible piece here," said Scotty Howell of Robinson Iron Works in Alex City.

The statue is Lady Themis. When she's standing, Lady Themis 12 feet high and weighs a solid 5,000 pounds. It's the same statue carefully taken down from the McLennan County Courthouse last week in Waco, Texas, and trucked close to 800 miles to Alex City, Alabama, 11 hours non-stop.

Mike Anderson was part of that crew that took her down in Waco.

"Being 170 feet in the air, we needed a 220 foot crane," said Anderson of Montgomery Construction near Waco.

For decades, the statue has stood proud on top of the county courthouse in Waco, but time, grime and dirt have taken their toll. It also recently lost an arm after a strong storm. Luckily, the locals in Waco found the arm along with the scales of justice.

The 'Lady of Liberty' now rests comfortably on air mattresses in an open cage at Robinson Iron Works in Alex City.

It will be up to Howell's folks at Robinson to make a replica of the original and send back the new Lady Themis.

"It's very thin right now, and we have to have much thicker piece to cast in aluminum," Howell said.

"She was put up there in 1901 and they didn't have the tools we have today. It was all brawn and muscles," said Anderson.

We're told Lady Themis is somebody quite special in Waco. In fact, the hometown crowd lined the road last week to say goodbye as she was transported to Alabama.

Even though Scotty Howell has no personal connections to Waco, this is special and will be for a long time.

"It's unique and each one has its nuances," said Howell

The entire project including the transportation to and from Alabama is costing well over $400,000, according to Anderson.

In four months or so, the new Lady Themis will be sent to Waco where she will be raised and take her rightful spot, standing guard and delivering justice from the top of the McLennan County Courthouse.

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