AAA Alabama explains what to do when your vehicle gets flooded

AAA Alabama explains what to do when your vehicle gets flooded

WSFA - Flash floods happen very quickly, so you have to be ready in case it happens while you're on the road. AAA Alabama is providing motorists who find themselves in stranded vehicles with details on what they need to do during a flood, or immediately afterward.

  1. Never attempt to drive on a road that’s covered with water. Turn around and find another route. 
  2. Always think of personal safety first. Leaving a vehicle to get to safer, higher ground to prevent injury or loss of life should always be the first priority.
  3. Don’t try to start the car when your vehicle takes on water or if you are retrieving your vehicle after a flood event. Flood waters are corrosive and contain debris that could enhance any damage the car has already received as a result of taking on water. In some cases vehicles may be salvageable by drying out, but starting a car in flood waters can send water into systems that may not be affected by standing water.
  4. Contact your insurance provider to report a claim and get advice on your coverage, repair, and rental needs.
  5. When waters recede get your car towed by a trusted provider to a trusted mechanic or dealership to have your vehicle evaluated for damage and possible repair. Make arrangements to retrieve your car as soon as possible to limit damage both to the interior and exterior. As weather warms up, and if the car is determined to be salvageable, the interior may be subject to mold and mildew if it sits too long.
  6. When safe to do so, take photos of your vehicle for documentation and to aid in the recovery and claims process with your insurance provider.
  7. Flooding events create demand for rental cars.  Be sure to work with your insurance provider to report your claim and reserve your rental as soon as possible.

To help members and non-members identify quality auto repair shops that can assist in the maintenance and repair of their vehicles, AAA offers the Approved Auto Repair program as a free public service. AAA-approved repair facilities meet and maintain high professional standards for training, equipment, cleanliness and customer service. Motorists can look for the Approved Auto Repair sign at local auto repair facilities, or search for a nearby AAA-approved shop online at

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