Tree replacement project first step to upgrading downtown Auburn

Tree replacement project first step to upgrading downtown Auburn

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - The view is about to change in downtown Auburn due to the Downtown Street Tree Replacement project.

The city of Auburn is planning to replace 32 trees along North College Street and Magnolia Avenue.

"The trees that we have are some ornamental trees, the zalkova trees, crepe myrtle trees. We want to replace those with nice new trees that will grow and create a nice tree canopy in the downtown area," said Auburn Assistant City Manager, Kevin Cowper.

The goal is to bring healthier trees to the area using technology that is proven to help the trees grow stronger and faster. The city is planting a variety to keep one disease from wiping out all trees in the area.

"We have a number of tree species that we will be planting in and around downtown, but...the American Princeton Elm, this will be the principal tree in the downtown area," Cowper said.

All new trees will have Silva-cell technology that requires the tree to be planted under a grate which is better for the tree and for pedestrians.

"Silva cell is an underground block system. It allows those trees to grow faster and be healthier. The grates that are flush with the sidewalk so that you can walk across those or if you are in a wheelchair for example, its much easier to navigate," Cowper said.

The trees being replaced is only the first step in a multi-year plan the city has to upgrade downtown.

The city also plans to upgrade all parking meters and level the sidewalks.

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