Montgomery man shooting for Guinness World Record

Montgomery man shooting for Guinness World Record

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Matt Bostic picked up his love for basketball at a young age.

"I grew up in Indiana," Bostic said. "They taught math, science and basketball there in grade school."

Bostic played basketball all the way through college and still has a love for the sport. While in college his mom died from cancer. Years later he would create Shoot for Life as a way to honor his mom and help others.

About 10 years ago he used his Shoot for Life platform to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. He made the most three pointers on record in a 24-hour period.

"I had to make 6,363," Bostic said.

His record didn't last long as another sharp shooter took him down. But Bostic isn't done yet. Now he has a new mission, and he's not alone. He wants to set the record for most free throws in 24 hours while at the same time setting a community record by having the community come out and join him.

"I have to make 20,000 in order to break the record. We will count all the shots for a community record," Bostic said.

The training has been intense.

"Your calves hurt. Your back hurts. Those ligaments, they go first in your arms. They are not meant to throw a ball that many times," he said.

Bostic will need to make about 15 shots per minute. There are no potty breaks, simply no time. He will get a little water every hour. To put it into perspective, Micheal Jordan made 7,327 free throws in his entire NBA career. Bostic will try to make almost three times that many in 24 hours.

"At the end when I break the record, all of us can come together and take on big picture. The most free throws made in 24 hours, Montgomery, Alabama. It's for a great cause," Bostic said.

It costs $10 per person and all the money raised goes back to YMCA sports programs. You can get registered on the Shoot for Life website and pick your time.

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