Sheriff: Case of missing Wetumpka mom, son could turn to homicide investigation

Sheriff: Case of missing Wetumpka mom, son could turn to homicide investigation

ELMORE CO., AL (WSFA) - The search for an Elmore County woman and her son is stretching into its third week. Susan Osborne, 42, and her 15-year-old son, Evan Chartrand, were reported missing on July 29. But Elmore County Sheriff's Office officials say the mother and son had been missing for months before the report was filed.

Sheriff Bill Franklin said family members in North Carolina filed the report.

"The call that we got was right around 60 days after she went missing," said Franklin. Family called the sheriff's office after not hearing from her for two months. Court documents show Osborne's husband, who is not the father of her son, filed for divorce in July.

Investigators said they have been to the couple's residence and collected evidence, but Sheriff Franklin does not think this is a missing person's case.

"The information that we've got, and all the intel that we have received and those things that we've been able to uncover and bring to light... it would make any sane man or woman believe that there's a good chance that this may go awry... that there's something to them just simply missing," Franklin said.

Franklin said this could go from a missing person's case to a homicide investigation, and while he would not name a person of interest, he thinks "most people know who our person of interest is."

"There's some things out there that just merely don't add up, and when you've got one or two things that's different, but when you've got a dozen things that's different," Franklin explained. "So, we'll continue to build, and we want to get it as complete as we can."

Investigators said there have been a couple of alleged sightings, but each tip led to a dead end.

"This is by word of mouth that we've heard this," the sheriff said, "but we haven't had anything concrete (evidence) that we can put our hands on and say 'Hey this person was seen here, or this boy was seen here.'"

If you have any information on the case call CrimeStoppers at 215-STOP. Your tip may lead to a cash reward.

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