Prosecution rests in federal trial for Matthew Shashy

Prosecution rests in federal trial for Matthew Shashy

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Day two of Matthew Shashy's federal trial is underway.

The state rested after presenting more than a dozen witnesses and nearly 70 exhibits. The defense began calling witnesses Tuesday, and they are expected to call around 5-6 witnesses.  There is no word yet on whether Shashy will testify. He is not required to testify in a criminal proceeding.

Shashy was arrested on three state terrorism charges for painting graffiti at three locations on Dec. 3 and indicted on one federal count for reportedly firing three shots at Montgomery's military installation.

The prosecution and the defense gave opening statements on Monday. Assistant U.S. Attorney Todd Brown explained to the jurors that Shashy used a deadly weapon to interfere and intimidate federal officers at a military installation, while defense attorney Tommy Goggans said the intent of Shashy's actions was not assault.

According to Goggans, Shashy thought the government was after him and his family.

Witnesses described the graffiti found on two entrances to the State Capitol, outside MPD Headquarters and the Day Street entrance to Maxwell Air Force Base. The graffiti was described as anti-government. Witnesses also testified Monday they saw Shashy shoot three shots from a shotgun into the ground in the direction of the Maxwell AFB guard shack.

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