Pony being treated at Auburn University after attack by dogs

Pony being treated at Auburn University after attack by dogs


Auburn University is giving a pony a second chance at life.

In December, the Alabama Executive Director of Helping Horses, Shelley Jones, started hearing reports of a three legged horse wandering around Bibb County.

"I said, 'you didn't see a three legged horse. There's no such thing as a three legged horse, that doesn't happen,' and she said, 'I really think you need to come and see about him,'" said Jones.

Sure enough the reports were true and soon after, Jones met Pogo, a pony that only had three legs. His left hind leg was lost after he was attacked by a pack of dogs.

"Initially when I first saw him, when I first smelled him, I thought there is no way that we can save this animal because he had such a horrific injury," Jones said.

That's when Jones reached out to Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine for help.

"Really the only option at that point, that I saw, was fitting him for a permanent prosthetic," said Assistant Professor at Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Lindsey Boone.

Pogo had a successful surgery, but then he entered physical rehabilitation in order to get accustomed to his new leg and build muscle.

Pogo graduated from his physical rehabilitation program Wednesday, but he will continue working on his own and will probably have to go through that for the rest of his life.

If there's any good that's come out of Pogo's story, it's that he has become an inspiration to everyone he's come in contact with.

"Pogo is a real fighter, and if he's got that much will to live, he can teach us a lot. You're given bad circumstances, but you can power through them and seeing an animal that's capable of doing that makes everything worth it," said Canine Rehabilitation Specialist, Liz Hodson.

Pogo is going back to Helping Horses with Jones until he is completely healed. The goal is for Pogo to one day be a therapeutic animal for children with disabilities.

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