Alabamians head to Florida for lottery tickets

Alabamians head to Florida for lottery tickets

WSFA - As the Powerball grows, so do people's hopes for claiming the prize.

There was a steady stream of people into Fortune Liquor and Lotto Wednesday. It's the first place customers can buy a lottery ticket when they cross the Florida state line. Most of the people visiting the store were from Alabama, according to the owner.

The jackpot has swelled to $700 million and customers spared no expense in hopes of getting the winning ticket.

"Sometimes they'll come in and buy $200 - 300 worth of tickets. A lot of times I think those are pools, not just for individuals, but they do come in and grab a lot of them," said Shelia Rushin, owner of Fortune Liquor and Lotto.

Right down the street at Panhandle Package, there was a full parking lot. Store clerk, Avis Peterson, says her store has sold a winning lottery ticket before, so she's feeling pretty confident one of her customers will win,

"About a month ago we sold the 30 million jackpot on the Florida lottery, so that by itself was a blessing. We're very excited. I think that's why the store is full today," said Peterson.

The odds of winning are 1 in 292 million. The lucky winner will get about $443 million in the cash option payout.

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