Guest editorial: Hunger knows no boundaries

Guest editorial: Hunger knows no boundaries

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Rich Deem, Montgomery Area Food Bank, CEO

Hunger is one of the greatest enemies to a person's mental and physical health. It often strips a person of their dignity and causes them anxiety leading to despair. Hunger knows no boundaries. As CEO of the Montgomery Area Food Bank, I've seen it all.

September is Hunger Action Month. We like to emphasize the word "action." You see, being concerned about hunger is commendable, but doing something about hunger will change lives. The venerable Ben Franklin said, "Well done is better than well said."

This year we're asking all our friends to post messages on social media highlighting the plight of hunger. You can do this by taking two white paper plates and on one write: "on an empty stomach, I can't ______________________" and on the other write: "to help end hunger I can _________________________". Take a picture of you holding the plates and post a personal message on social media – use the hashtag #hungeractionmonth.  Together, we can take a bite out of hunger!

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