Flu shots encouraged as Flu Season approaches

Flu shots encouraged as Flu Season approaches

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Flu season is almost upon us and doctors are encouraging everyone six months old and older to get vaccinated.

Dr. Dee Dee Kidd at AFC PriMed in EastChase said to get your flu shot now ahead of flu season, which is expected to start in October. She said the flu shot takes roughly two weeks to kick in, so if you get vaccinated now, it would start working just in time.

She said the flu shot is not 100 percent effective, but it does reduce your risk of getting the flu by about 60 percent.

"It may not completely keep you from getting the flu but it may keep it from lasting as long or getting as serious," said Kidd.

However, there are a few other ways you can prevent yourself from getting the flu.

"Wash your hands, wash, wash, wash, and make sure that your children and everybody knows to cough into your arm and not into your hands," Kidd said.

A few symptoms of the flu are a sore throat, couching, aching, chills, a runny nose, fatigue and or a fever. Kidd said she always asks her patients two specific questions if they think they have the flu.

"The two questions I ask are, 'Do you feel like you've been hit by a truck?' and, 'Did it come on all of a sudden like you could say at 2:24 I got sick?'"

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