Anticipation builds for Downtown Montgomery Residential Association

Anticipation builds for Downtown Montgomery Residential Association

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As residential space grows in downtown Montgomery, so does the need for representation. Now a Downtown Montgomery Residential Association is closer to becoming a reality.

David Gulino and his family moved to Dexter Avenue three years ago for one reason.

"We work downtown and we live here so it is just convenient," he said.

Downtown has experienced lots of residential growth over the past several years. Currently there are 755 multi-family and mixed use units in that area. Regina Meadows, Executive Director of Building Our Neighborhoods for Development and Success, says plans for a Downtown Neighborhood Association are underway. Already several meeting have been held.

"Those who currently live there felt the need to connect with others and be a voice what is happening downtown," said Meadows.

Not only is this a way for residents to meet, but also discuss things they'd like to see, from more green space to more parking, and how they can support businesses around them.

"It is so business dense right now. So we want to just making sure the two entities match and accommodate each other well."

Residents like Gulino see this as progress.

"We are diverse. We just have to look at how to move forward," said Gulino.

The next step is to elect officers and be ready to operate within the next month.

The Downtown Neighborhood Association would be set up differently than other DNA's in Montgomery. The hope is to have at least one representative per multi-family dwelling.

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