Firearm commission takes aim at pros, cons of permitless carry

Firearm commission takes aim at pros, cons of permitless carry

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Lawmakers, lobbyist, interest groups and lawmakers met together Tuesday for the Commission on 21st Century Firearm Laws.

The focus on the commission meeting was on the Permitless Carry Bill, which if passed, would allow the concealed carry of firearms without a permit.

The bill was subject to major controversy for part of last session, which helped lead to the commissions formation.

Supporters of the bill, like spokespeople from the National Rifle Association, said the bill represents a modification to the law, but does not impact permits at all.

That modification  would eliminate the requirement for a concealed carry permit to be needed in Alabama.

Law enforcement officials, along with those in education and mental health, spoke out against the bill.

Law enforcement argued it made the public less safe, by taking away a valuable tool for law enforcement.

"It doesn't make sense to loosen that requirement which would lessen our effectiveness," said Sheriff Jay Jones. "It helps us do a better job of doing what we are sworn to do and that is to protect the public that we serve."

The NRA said they would promote this bill "aggressively" next session.

"I don't want to pass any bill and say it passed because it had a strong lobby," Rep. Allen Farley said.

The bill has already been pre-filed and is expected to be one of the first controversial pieces of legislation next session.

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