Paranormal investigator makes stop at haunted Prattville spot

Paranormal investigator makes stop at haunted Prattville spot

PRATTVILLE, AL (WSFA) - Some things just can't be explained by science, says Alex Bobulinski, and it's been a driving force for most of his life.

"I've been into the paranormal as long as I can remember," Bobulinski admitted. "As a kid, I had some experiences."

Now he's more passionate than ever to find answers. He thinks he found something on a trip to Bear Swamp Creek in Prattville in 2016.

"I'm looking for evidence that the paranormal, spirits, Bigfoot, aliens, anything that people don't think are real or science hasn't explained yet," he told us during a recent stop. He says the Autauga County swamp has a lot of history.

"There are theories that it's haunted by a woman whose baby died in the swamp. Others say it's haunted by Native Americans or Civil War soldiers," he went on.

So last November he got out all of his equipment and started setting up. Then something happened.

"I was getting my camera set up. It was on the back of my car. All of the sudden in the rearview mirror I see this light shows up and it got bigger and bigger. Then all of the sudden it gets smaller and smaller and fades out. I caught what I believe is a phantom car light. People claim to see strange lights out here all the time."

Bobulinski produced a 30 minute documentary on the Swamp and his experience and uploaded it to YouTube. [Warning: Strong language used.]

Now he realizes that not everyone believes in the paranormal, but he wants folks to keep an open mind.

"When you get something and you think you have good evidence you don't want to say 100 percent it's a spirit or a Bigfoot. I like to ask others what they think and get their opinions," he states.

Is there something out there? Maybe. I can tell you this, Alex is braver than I am. I would not be out there alone at night. His paranormal group is called Spectral Wolfpack.

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