AL leaders, organizations react after CHIP gains House approval

AL leaders, organizations react after CHIP gains House approval

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A critical drafting of the Children's Health Insurance Program gained House approval Friday and now awaits a Senate decision. Federal funding for the nationwide program, commonly referred to as CHIP, stopped Oct. 1 and now lawmakers and representatives are reacting in both opposition and approval due to the proposed cuts, or improvements the new bill proposes.

Representatives of the Yellowhammer State, as well as organizations, have spoken out on the new House ruling:

Rep. Terri Sewell:

"I have been a vocal advocate for the reauthorization of CHIP, but today's bill uses unfair and inappropriate offsets to shift the cost of CHIP onto the rest of the healthcare system," said Rep. Terri Sewell. "Paying for one set of essential health programs by cutting funds for another is a losing strategy in the fight for better public health and more affordable care for all. When it comes to children's health insurance, Republican leadership has set up a false choice, offering CHIP reauthorization at the expense of other vital programs.

Rep. Mike Rogers:

"I am pleased this fiscally-responsible legislation passed the House today with my support.  CHIP provides children in lower-income families with health care coverage.  This bill will help fund this critical program for our children across East Alabama and the country."

ARISE Citizen's Policy Project:

"The House Republican tax plan is an expensive new giveaway to wealthy households and big corporations at the expense of working families. It would offer little or nothing to most Alabamians, and it actually would increase taxes for many low- and middle-income folks.

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