Auburn University gives tips to horse owners

Updated: Nov. 4, 2017 at 4:14 PM CDT
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Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine offered a one-day seminar for horse owners, enthusiasts and veterinarians Saturday.
The event focused on ways that horse owners could better care for their animals and emphasized the difference between problems that can be fixed by horse owners and when owners should seek professional help.

“Horse owners need to have a very good relationship with their veterinarian," said 
Auburn University Dept. Of Clinical Sciences Associate Professor, Dr. Aime Johnson. "And that’s one thing that we stress in these conferences is not only how to take care of them but when they need to call their veterinarian. What can they do on their own, and when they really need some veterinarian intervention. By teaching them what vaccines the horse needs or by teaching them what best thing to be there horse, they can treat their horses better. It keeps them healthier and it makes the veterinarians job better."
Horse owners also participated in a silent auction for a chance to purchase horse grooming materials. Proceeds from the event registration and coinciding silent auction benefit  the Auburn University Student Society for Theriogenology Club and Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine Equine Service.
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