Sec. of State Merrill says date of special election unlikely to change

Sec. of State Merrill says date of special election unlikely to change

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Gov. Ivey says there are no plans to change the date of the special election for the Senate.

With calls increasing for Roy Moore to step aside and Moore refusing to,  Alabama's Secretary of State gives new details on what's next.

If Moore does step down his name will still remain on the ballot, Merrill says.

The reason? "We are too close to the election and there cannot be any changes made to the ballot," Merrill said.

Merrill said the Republican Party cannot substitute a candidate, in part because people in Alabama have already begun voting.

If Moore does step aside and gets enough votes to win, there would have to be another special election.

As for a write-in candidate, Merrill says a write-in candidate has never won.

"Anybody that wishes to write in a candidate of their choice in the general election has the prerogative to do so simply by following the instructions that would indicate that they wanted their vote to be counted for someone other than the party's nominees,: said Merrill. "There's a line on the ballot where you would write that person's name and you would check the box indicating that you wanted your write-in vote to count for the candidate of your choice who's name was not on the ballot."

The head of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee said if Roy Moore wins his race in Alabama, the Senate should vote to expel him. That hasn't happened in over 150 years.

Moore's Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, said Moore will be "held accountable by the people of Alabama."

The special election for Alabama's Senate seat is Dec. 12th.

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