Weird habits and cravings could signal major health concerns

Weird habits and cravings could signal major health concerns
March 30 is National Doctors' Day

WSFA/NBC - You've probably heard that chewing ice may mean that you have an iron deficiency. While that is true, there are also other intense cravings that could indicate a deficiency in your body.

"There could be an overwhelming urge to have this craving, whatever it is," Dr. Robbyn Traylor with Urgent Care says. "So for instance if it's ice, they might keep an ice cup at their desk all day long and chew ice all the time or if it's a secret weird craving for like detergent or for like coffee grounds or something like that, a person might actually keep it near them and occasionally sniff it or weirdly even taste it."

Traylor says if you or someone you know has bizarre cravings, you should talk to a doctor, your body may be trying to tell you that you're unhealthy.

In fact, chiming in for another weird health symptom, sweet-smelling breath, could save lives.

"A sugary smell on their breath could be a sign that their blood sugar is really high and that their body is spiraling into some kind of metabolic catastrophe," said Traylor.

Sweet breath, heavy breathing, or an abnormal thirst, could indicate high blood pressure or diabetes. Without being diagnosed, it can lead to organ failure, altered mental state or a heart attack.

Traylor says annual*checkups can help find chronic illness early and prevent serious consequences from undiagnosed diseases and the one thing she said your doctor will never, ever ignore.

"Doctors will never ignore blood okay? Blood in the stool or rectal bleeding could be a sign of some kind of cancer activity," said Traylor.

Another illness that people let go untreated or don't catch with regular visits, gingivitis. Doctors say it can lead to infection in your heart and if that gets down into your bones, that can be incredibly dangerous, sometimes taking months to treat.

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