Some Montgomery residents to get two ballots for Dec. 12 election

Some Montgomery residents to get two ballots for Dec. 12 election

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - On Tuesday, Dec. 12 Alabama voters will head to the polls, but for some voters in Montgomery County this will create a unique situation.

The same day of the U.S. Senate Special General Election the primary election for State Senate District 26 is also happening.

"This election is unique in that we have never had two elections on the same day," said Tiffany McCord, Montgomery County Circuit Clerk and Absentee Election Manager.

This means those voting in both elections will have to fill out separate ballots on election day.

When it comes to absentee balloting, those voters will have to use a separate application that is both new and different.

"Generally those applications do not have what election we are actually doing. It is just a blank application, said McCord. "For the voters in Montgomery County we have created an application that says what election you are voting in and what party you want to make sure you get ballots for both of the elections."

All voters requesting absentee ballot applications for the U.S. Senate and State Senate District 26 races will have to send ballots back in separate envelopes.

"The distinction is you usually you would not have two separate ballots and you would think you could put them in the same envelope, but the Secretary of State has said if they come back in the same envelope they will not count," said McCord."

McCord says so far, the absentee voting office has been very busy.

"There have been lots of interest in this election and we are excited about that. We have gotten about 90 applications today alone which is unusual. We have had to order ballots for a third time which is also unusual."

Voters heading to the polls on Dec. 12 need to expect two ballots.

"Keep that in mind you may have to go to two tables. It may be a tad longer, but polling officials are ready and excited and they know what they are doing," said McCord.

For absentee voting you can call (334) 832-1281 or go to the election center website.

You can also download the new application here.

The deadline for absentee voting is Thursday, Dec. 7.

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