Coosa County town soon to find itself without medical care

Coosa County town soon to find itself without medical care
(Source: WSFA 12 News)
(Source: WSFA 12 News)

ROCKFORD, AL (WSFA) - At the Triple R Cafe in Rockford, Jeffrey Sallas says the latest news in town isn't going down quite so well for him.

"I'm very upset about it," Sallas admitted.

The news is that nurse practitioner Jamie Chappell has turned in her resignation at the Rockford Family Medical Clinic, a move that caught the Coosa Valley Medical Center in Sylacauga by surprise. The medical center owns the clinic where Chappell treated patients like Sallas over the last six years.

"They helped me get back over here despite a disability," said Sallas.

Chappell told WSFA 12 News she is leaving because she found a 'better opportunity' at another clinic in Goodwater 15 miles away. This is really a big deal in Rockford for folks like Sarah Jones.

"Rockford is gonna be losing an asset to the community," Jones said.

Chappell declined an on-camera interview, as did Coosa Valley Medical Center leaders. Hospital officials say the clinic will close temporarily, at least, on Nov. 30 but no decision has been made whether to close it permanently.

The locals are having trouble accepting the fact the medical clinic might close when you consider the Coosa County Health Department shut down for good more than a year ago. That move by the state was reportedly due to budget cuts.

"Rockford is basically old people, elderly that need care," said resident Bill Smith.

Sallas, meantime, and others like him hope Coosa Valley will serve up a solution to heal what they feel is a double blow to their medical care.

The Rockford Family Medical Center treated anywhere from 80 to 100 patients per month.

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