Moore accuser presents findings from handwriting expert on yearbook signature

Published: Dec. 8, 2017 at 10:59 PM CST|Updated: Dec. 9, 2017 at 3:40 AM CST
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA/AP) - One of Roy Moore's accusers, Beverly Young Nelson, and her attorney Gloria Allred held a news conference Friday to discuss the yearbook they say Moore signed.

Allred presented the findings of handwriting expert Arthur T. Anthony, who says the signature in Nelson's yearbook matches Moore's when compared to documents on which his signature appears, including his marriage license.

Nelson said not all of the writing in the yearbook was written by Moore, saying she added the date and location below the signature. Nelson said this was to help her remember when and where the book was signed.

Nelson also said she has faced harassment and threats since coming forward with her allegations, saying a radio talk show host called for her to be stoned in the town square and someone sent a photo of a casket to her.

"This reminds me of when Roy Moore told me that no one would believe me because I was a child and he was the district attorney of Ettowah County," said Nelson, referring to the alleged sexual assault. "I've lived in fear of sharing what he did to me until other women came forward. I still have some fear, but I refuse to be intimidated into silence or retract anything that I've said."

She said she is disappointed that President Donald Trump has decided to endorse Moore, despite the multiple allegations against him.

"President Trump has chosen to support a powerful politician like Mr. Moore over women like me who accuse Roy Moore of preying on them when they were in their teens. I guess we as women don't matter because we are not part of the old boys club," Nelson said. "It seems that it is just business as usual at the White House. The swamp is getting deeper and has not been drained."

Nelson said she supported Trump in the presidential election, and she calls herself a republican.

Moore has continued to deny knowing Nelson, and he sent out a tweet following her admission that the date and location in the yearbook was written by her:

Moore's campaign chairman and attorney responded to the allegations in their own news conference Friday, saying proof that the sexual assault allegations made against Moore are untrue came from Nelson's own lips.

Attorney Phillip Jauregui says that during the original news conference, when the allegations came to light, Nelson claimed everything written in the year book was written by Moore. He says now that Nelson has admitted to adding notes underneath the signature, the entire story is unbelievable.

Moore's campaign is calling for the yearbook to be tested by an independent expert.

"We renew that demand today: release the yearbook, so than an independent expert - not your paid expert - an independent expert, a neutral third party custodian can take it and look at the ink," Jauregui said. "So we can find out is the ink is a month old, or is it 40 years old?"

The Moore campaign refused to take questions after the news conference.

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