Woman uses own past to help Montgomery homeless

Woman uses own past to help Montgomery homeless

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's estimated that more than 800 people are homeless in Montgomery, and about half are women.

"Majority of them are mothers… single mothers who are going through a time. Some of them are women who just have lost their way and really don't know how to get back up on their feet," said Michelle Klein.

Klein is the Administrative Assistant at the Friendship Mission, a homeless shelter on the west side of Montgomery.

"It's not that scruffy guy sitting on the street, it's not that woman pushing a buggy. They're good people, they really are good people," Klein said.

However, just three years ago, Klein herself was homeless.

"I thought I came from a good family on the right side of the tracks," Klein said. "I was lost. I was really lost."

For a year and a half, Klein called the Friendship Mission her home.

"I think God put me exactly where I needed to be, with whom I needed to be, at the time I needed to be here," said Klein.

Nowadays, Klein can be found at the Friendship Mission, but not for shelter, for work. There, she helps women, just like herself, get back on their feet.

"I'm able to help others and kind of, I guess, relate with them from the first day that they get here," said Klein. "I can relate with how they feel."

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