People across River Region volunteer for Christmas

People across River Region volunteer for Christmas

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's the season of giving, and many people across the River Region spent their Christmas day volunteering at local homeless shelters, like the Friendship Mission.

Anteidra Martin had been collecting donations for a little over a month and by the time Christmas rolled around, she had a U-Haul packed to the brim with essentials and toys for those in need.

"I got tons and tons of donations this year so I'm out passing out bless bags. I've got clothes and shoes and toys. This is how I'm spending my Christmas day," Martin said. "Some people can't even afford or don't even think about having some of the technology and some of the things, the normal everyday things that you and I have and to be able to bless them with some of those things is amazing."

Joining her was Candyce Smith and her two boys, eight-year-old Omari Smith, and seven-year-old, Ashton Smith. It was their first-time volunteering on Christmas.

"I wanted them to see how blessed and fortunate we were and how there are so many kids and families that don't have as much as they have and I don't want them to take for granted those little small things such as having you know video games and having their own room, having hot water, so just the little things you know that we take for granted so often. I want them to just be fortunate and grateful for those things," Candyce Smith said.

Omari and Ashton were excited to give up their Christmas to volunteer.

"I'm out here just helping the citizens that don't have homes or toys to play with when they're bored," Omari said.

Because for them, volunteering on Christmas day is what the season is all about.

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