Saban, Swinney talk to media for last time before Sugar Bowl

Saban, Swinney talk to media for last time before Sugar Bowl
Coaches Dabo Swinney and Nick Saban talk to the media one day before the Sugar Bowl.

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WSFA) - Sunday was the final time Coach Nick Saban and Coach Dabo Swinney would speak to the media prior to Monday's Sugar Bowl.

Coach Saban commented on Alabama's linebacker situation.

It has been a season full of injuries.

"It's been pretty well documented that Shaun Dion Hamilton is out for the game. Dylan Moses is out. Those guys both play the same position, but Mack Wilson will be available to play in the game who was out of the previous games. I think there were two outside linebackers, Terrell Lewis and Christian Miller, who actually played a bit here in the Auburn game but practiced very little leading up to the game. Both of those guys are probably 100 percent now. They have practiced enough to be effective in the game," stated Saban.

Carver's Mack Wilson will be the man in the middle for Bama on Monday against Clemson.

"I think the challenge those guys have and the defenses - it's very important to  get the signal, get it communicated and get the defense lined up so Mack [Wilson] is very capable. Doesn't have a  lot of experience doing it, but I'm sure he will do a good job in the game," said Saban.

Wilson has 22 tackles and three interceptions this season.

Wilson told the WSFA 12 Sports team on Saturday he's almost 100 percent on the Alabama playbook.

Swinney, who has led Clemson to an 80.8 winning percentage in his ten years as head coach, talked about that success.

"That's probably the thing I'm most proud of, of everything that we've done, is our consistency. To me, to be great at anything you've got to be very consistent for a long period of time and you know what, we're not gonna win it every year but we want to compete for our conference and we want to be one of those teams that has a chance. That's in the conversation year in and year out, because if you can kind of live there you've got an opportunity," Swinney said.

Alabama and Clemson kickoff at 7:45 p.m. on Monday in New Orleans.

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