Cold weather items sell out fast at local hardware stores

Updated: Jan. 1, 2018 at 9:55 PM CST
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - While some stayed indoors for New Year's day, others decided to brave the cold.

"Every time I get out the car I am shaking and shivering to the stores. It is really bad but at least it is not snowing," said Dere'l Cromartie.

Several hardware stores, like Home Depot on Chantilly Parkway, have been busy with people searching for items to protect their homes from the frigid temps.

"People aren't used to this cold weather so they are going to go to the extreme. I came in here for this little heater for my husband," said Gay Huneycutt.

The shelves that were full of portable heaters just days ago now have only a limited number left, but they are the only items going fast.

"We have run out of all the faucet covers. We had three different kinds," said Hubba Boswell, Home Depot plumbing associate.

With many stores in the area sold out, there are alternatives like a towel or even a painter's mit to cover up any exposed pipes you do have.

If you don't prepare properly for the weather, keeping your pipes from freezing and bursting it will cost you.

"It will be a lot of money and a lot of work replacing that pipe cause once the pipe bursts you are going to have to go back several feet to replace it," said Boswell.

In addition to remembering the pipes during the cold weather also remember people, pets, and plants. People should bundle up in layers and pets and plants should come inside.

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